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Helping You Use QuickBooks in Portland, OR

If you operate or have considered operating your own accounting functions, then you probably use or have looked into purchasing QuickBooks®. As one of the most popular accounting software programs in the market, QuickBooks is widely used by businesses in our area. Our firm is experienced in the full use of this program; we can teach you how to efficiently operate it and provide further support as needed.

Appel CPA offers QuickBooks training in Portland, Beaverton, Lake Oswego, and the surrounding communities. Schedule a consultation today to begin your training today.

Our Credentials

Anyone who has used QuickBooks before will have some understanding of how the program works, but not everyone has the same in-depth knowledge that we do. Our Portland firm benefits from the expertise of multiple QuickBooks ProAdvisors. A ProAdvisor is someone who completed a specialized course in how to operate this software, making them uniquely aware of its unique features. Our firm is in the position to best help you learn the various elements behind QuickBooks.

Setting up Your Account

For clients who are brand new to QuickBooks, one of the most important steps is setting up your accounts correctly. There are plenty of mistakes that can be made when your first launch the program, from incorrectly adjusting your financial balances to not implementing right apps to supplement the core software functions.

Appel CPA sets up the accounts for brand-new QuickBooks users who hire us to train them. Based off of our knowledge of your structure, management style, and the accounting requirements of your industry, we establish the core account and the apps that we believe will best help you. We incorporate your training into this setup to help you understand why the account is setup in a given manner and what future updates may be necessary.

Customizing Your Training Regimen

Rarely are two of our clients ever in the exact same situation. Each small business is run differently, even when they are in the same industry, and larger businesses have greater variations in their operations. As a result, each client we see is going to use QuickBooks differently.

When we train clients in the use of QuickBooks, we customize your training plan to best suit your individual needs. We take the time to know what you are looking for in your accounting systems and evaluate your current setup, if applicable. Once we know what you want and how you are currently running your bookkeeping, we optimize your training plan to better obtain your management goals.

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Appel CPA provides QuickBooks training near Portland. We can also provide retraining and further QuickBooks support on an as-needed basis. For more information about our multiple accounting services, call our firm and schedule a consultation today. 

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