Payroll Management Support in Portland, OR

Running payroll is a critical function that many small business owners do not have the time to complete themselves. As an outsourced accounting firm, Appel CPA provides payroll services Portland, Beaverton, and the surrounding communities. Schedule a consultation with us today if you need help running the payroll system for your recently established or developing company.

Full and Partial Payroll Support

With so many different roles to fill, sole proprietors or partners at small businesses often struggle to fulfill their payroll functions effectively. These professionals rarely have the opportunity to double-check their withholding calculations, tax payment filing schedule, or deductions that could be available. This situation can leave a company owner vulnerable to payroll tax problems and issues paying their employees.

Appel CPA gives our clients full and partial payroll support, depending on their particular preference, in order to verify the accuracy of their records and protect against payroll tax problems. Our full payroll services involve tallying our clients’ employees’ hours, carefully calculating and taking out the appropriate tax withholdings, and filing payments. If business owners have specific areas of their payroll process that they want to improve, we can take care of either recording employee hours or tax filing and calculation with our partial payroll assistance.

No matter what your exact needs are, our firm can create a customized payroll support plan to meet them.

Year-Round Support

Several payroll service providers focus solely on payroll return due dates, limiting their availability for more specialized client care. Appel CPA offers payroll support all year long. You have our complete attention and assistance whenever you need it.

Live and After-the-Fact Payroll

When providing comprehensive payroll solutions, our firm has two options available: live and after-the-fact processing. Both have their advantages, and we use the methodology that produces the right results for you.

Live payroll involves recording employee hours down on a daily basis using software that tracks time punches as they occur, which generates payroll records in a more timely manner for both verification of their data and more accurate withholding calculation. After-the-fact payroll involves a client sending us the logged employee hours on a set schedule, such as monthly or weekly, and we calculate employee payments and taxes from these records. This method can be more convenient for clients who prefer to print their own checks or cannot implement the software necessary for live payroll.

Contact Us for Payroll Help

Appel CPA offers full and partial payroll services to businesses near Portland. Our live and after-the-fact processing options let us maintain your employees’ wages and accurately file withholdings in a manner that best suits your needs. For more information about how we support business operations, call our firm and schedule a consultation today. 

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